Energizer reveals their upcoming phone with a pop-up the camera and an 18,000mAh battery

Energizer reveals their upcoming phone with a pop-up the camera and an 18,000mAh battery
Energizer reveals their upcoming phone with a pop-up the camera and an 18,000mAh battery

When Energizer stepped into the smartphone industry, it left a lot of people surprised. According to the recent rumors, the company Energizer will unveil a total of 26 new smartphone models in the Mobile World Congress in 2019. These phones will come with all the flagship features like the foldable display, a big battery of 18,000mAh, and also a pop-up camera. All these features will be available in different mobile phones.

According to a trusted source, all the phones which will be released by Energizer will be in four lines which is the Hardcase, Energy, Ultimate, and the Power Max. All the 26 mobile phones will basically be a part of the four lines. It is said that the Power Max line of phones will have batteries of 18,000 mAh. This will basically be the largest phone battery ever made. The last Energizer phone came with a 16,000mAh battery which was called the Power Max P16K Pro.

The Ultimate line of phones from Energizer will come with a pop-up the camera and also a teardrop display. Teardrop display has become very much popular this year and most of the smartphone manufacturers are using it. The features of the Ultimate line of mobile phones are still not out, but it is expected that it will basically be a much more premium range of smartphones.

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GSM Arena has come out with a report that the Energizer Ultimate U630S Pop will be running in the P22 MediaTech Helio chipset and the Energizer Ultimate U620S Pop will be running on P70 MediaTech Heilo chipset. These phones will have a triple camera set-up on the back and will come with 6GB RAM,128GB storage or 4GB RAM, 64GB storage.

These phones will be available by the month of June 2019. The photos of the phone with 18,000mAh battery is still not out yet. According to a tech enthusiast:

“We do not know how the foldable smartphones from the company will be and therefore, all we could do is guess how the phone will look and how exactly it will work.”

Energizer will debut its phones in the MWC which will be in the month of February this year. Previously, all the phones were made by a company called Avenir Telecom which was under the Energizer license.

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