Huawei announces the launch of 5G smartphone at MWC on February 24

Huawei announces the launch of 5G smartphone at MWC on February 24

Huawei has announced that they will be releasing a foldable smartphone at the MWC 2019 which will come with the 5G technology. This will basically be a very high-end foldable smartphone.

Foldable smartphones are something not a lot of mobile manufacturers have tried and this is the reason, people have created a hype around this mobile phone after they realized that there is a demand for these phones in the global market.

In the MWC 2019, which was in Barcelona, Huawei took a big risk of teasing people with the new foldable smartphone. Samsung has also been working on a mobile phone which is quite similar to it which is the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Samsung has also teased this foldable smartphone a few months back and this is the reason the global market is buzzing now with the concept of foldable smartphones.

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Like other foldable smartphones, this will be very much different because the display will be much larger and it will cover the outside area. Huawei has claimed that this phone will not be like the Samsung Galaxy fold, which has one big display of 7 inches and one small display of 4 inches.

Huawei has also claimed that their smartphone will support 5G, which will have a Balong 5000 chipset. The other details about the hardware of this phone is still not properly known to the people. This hardware will only be revealed by Huawei after the release of the mobile phone.

People have started to speculate what Huawei will be calling the foldable smartphone. The company has submitted the trademark for a few names like the Mate Flex, Mate Flexi, Mate F, and Mate Fold. People are really looking forward to the release of this mobile phone because this will be able to bring a big change in the mobile industry.

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According to Huawei:

“This is the smartphone which will absolutely change how smartphones will be manufactured in the coming years.”


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