Instagram putting IGTV previews in the main feed

Instagram putting IGTV previews in the main feed
Instagram putting IGTV previews in the main feed

Instagram has finally come out with a big announcement where they said:

 “From now on we will be featuring all the different IGTV previews in the news feed of the users so that the users are able to see them without having to go to the IGTV option separately.”

Users will now be able to watch the one-minute preview and go watch the full video on IGTV.

In the month of June last year, Instagram introduced the application called IGTV which was a stand-alone application. The company has been very much aggressive in pushing and promoting IGTV and integrating it into the main application. This is another attempt from Instagram to push IGTV into the main Instagram application. After the release of the IGTV application, Instagram predicted a better response from the audience, but that was not the case. To promote the application more, Instagram is now coming up with more features to make all users aware of IGTV.

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The reason why IGTV was introduced was that Instagram wanted users to enjoy 10-minute-long content on this platform. Instagram wanted to make some kind of application which will be a combined version of YouTube and Twitch. The thing about IGTV is that the features of the application are really exciting, but for some reason, it has not seen that kind of response like Instagram has expected.

People generally use IGTV only when they want to upload a video which is long and cannot be uploaded in the Instagram main application. The people who use IGTV is also very less making the application IGTV unsuccessful. The interface of IGTV is also not interesting. The pale functionality and lack of consistency of IGTV make it impossible for users to use it for a longer period of time.

According to Instagram:

 “With IGTV previews in new feed, we’re making it even easier to discover and watch the latest video content from your favorite followers. IGTV will soon become very much popular after the application starts to become more interactive with the users.”

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