Tor Browser now officially available for Android Users on Play Store

Tor Browser now officially available for Android Users on Play Store
Tor Browser now officially available for Android Users on Play Store

From greedy advertisers to nosy authorities, everybody wishes to keep track of your internet activities. Your Internet browsing habits are most likely on the very top of the graphs. This forces users to use VPNs (virtual private networks), incognito-style on the browser, and other apps and services. For Android consumers, there is yet another choice to remain private beginning now. The favorite Tor Browser is currently available on Android smartphones as a steady release, following months of testing.

Tor Browser may be helpful when you are attempting to avoid anyone from monitoring your Internet browsing activities. The browser also uses a network of servers to send requests over several hyperlinks to conceal your online identity as you’re visiting sites. It literally leaves no traces of your surfing habits.

The browser is based on Mozilla Firefox so you get comparable features like tabbed browsing. Previously, users may use the Tor system to conceal their IP addresses onto a smartphone but it’ll be a lot easier to simply use the browser.

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Ordinarily, when you use other browsers’ incognito manner, your site files are erased from the telephone and background computer. Tor Browser prevents sites from accessing your authentic online identity by hiding it entirely.

Tor Project developers began working on the Android version of the browser in September this past year. After months of public and private testing, the Tor Browser has become ready for prime time. The first variant is numbered 8.5 which attracts it in par with all the releases on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

If you are on iOS, you are out of luck if you are awaiting the Tor Browser in your devices. Tor asserts that this is a result of the’limitations’ imposed by Apple. Tor states Apple prohibits developers from creating new computing procedures, and they can simply use Apple’s browser on iOS.

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But, Tor recommends a different app named Onion Browser that is currently available on Apple’s App Store. In Terms of Android users, Tor Browser has become available on Google’s Play Store as a free download.


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